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  • Why is no one Talking About LENR Cold Fusion? - Edgy Labs


    29 Mar 2017 ... Once, this tech was branded with the name Cold Fusion. A more appropriate term
    would be a Low Energy Nuclear Reaction or LENR for short. The idea is that a
    low-yield, low-temperature nuclear energy source can potentially bring limitless
    energy. If you've seen the movie The Saint starring Val Kilmer, ...

  • LENR & Cold Fusion News


    5 Sep 2017 ... Andrea Rossi is again claiming that his E-cat low energy nuclear reaction (LENR)
    devices are under construction. The inventor is also claiming that he will soon
    start selling energy from the devices. In a post September 3, conversation on
    Rossi's message board, Frank Acland asked: “Have you started ...

  • Breakthrough | LENR & Cold Fusion News


    Alphabet (NASDAQ: GOOG); the company formerly known as Google, is lending
    its vast data crunching capabilities to the battle to make hot fusion a reality.
    Alphabet (NASDAQ: GOOGL) and Tri Alpha Energy have teamed up to create an
    algorithm that is designed to make it easier commercialize nuclear fusion.



    7 May 2016 ... Tracking the Revolution of Low Energy Nuclear Reactions (LENR)

  • Cold Fusion Times - The World


    Welcome to the Latest, Uncensored Scientific News on Cold Fusion, now known
    as Lattice Assisted Nuclear Reactions (LANR), Condensed Matter Nuclear State
    Physics (CMNS), Solid State Nuclear Reactions, and (misnamed) Low Energy
    Nuclear Reactions (LENR). COLD FUSION TIMES is the OLDEST periodical, ...

  • Brillouin Energy - Is Cold Fusion or LENR Possible? - Nanalyze


    25 Jul 2017 ... Is cold fusion the solution to the world's energy problems or just a big scam? We
    look at one LENR startup looking to raise money - Brillouin Energy.

  • E-Cat World


    3 days ago ... Dear E-Cat World Readers,. I really appreciate your interest and contributions to
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  • LENR-CANR.org — A library of papers about cold fusion


    This site features a library of papers on LENR, Low Energy Nuclear Reactions,
    also known as Cold Fusion. (CANR, Chemically Assisted Nuclear Reactions is
    another term for this phenomenon.) The library includes more than 1,000 original
    scientific papers reprinted with permission from the authors and publishers.

  • Cold fusion - Wikipedia


    Cold fusion is a hypothesized type of nuclear reaction that would occur at, or near
    , room temperature. This is compared with the "hot" fusion which takes place
    naturally within stars, under immense pressure and at temperatures of millions of
    degrees, and distinguished from muon-catalyzed fusion. There is currently no ...

  • Letter to the Editor: Major advance in cold fusion touted as energy ...


    6 Dec 2017 ... To the Times:Cold Fusion, now called Low Energy Nuclear Reactions (LENR),
    took a large step forward on Black Friday Nov. 24, 2017, when Andrea Rossi
    demonstrated his third generation E-Cat QX (Energy Caratylizer) at the Royal
    Society of Enginee.